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Zitsa - Ioannina

The vineyards of Zitsa, centered around the small town of the same name, are situated within the Pindus mountain range, about 50 kilometers from the Ionian coast. The terrain is characterized by numerous hills, mountains, and valleys, with vineyards typically positioned on steep, south and east facing slopes with free-draining limestone soils. The climate is more continental compared to the rest of Greece, with some maritime influence from the Ionian Sea. Altitudes can reach up to 700m (2300ft) above sea level, contributing to cooler evenings and the slow ripening of Debina grapes, which retain their acidity – a crucial component in the production of sparkling wines.
Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, spreads out around beautiful Lake Pamvotida. The natural environment, the climate and character of the town are defined by this stretch of water – the area’s trademark. The lake, with its still waters and its small island, is a natural monument, around which the entire area lives and breathes. The strong cultural traditions of the town, home to a number of great novelists and poets, and the artistic and intellectual events which are organized throughout the year, give visitors the opportunity to get to know the roots of the intellectual life of Epirus.