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Reservation policy

  1. Reservation policy:
    a) Book in advance: Full amount is required to secure your booking. In the event of cancelation 50 percent is refundable with a 10 days notice before your sceduled pick up. Unfortunatelly we cannot refund any money in shorter notice.
    b) Different payment options available upon arrangement
  2. According to the rules and regulations of the Greek National Tourism Organization any last minute booking has to take place at least 3 hours before the scheduled pick up time.
  3. We use cctv (only for road safety purposes) and we track our vehicle location for safety and comfort reasons. We don't store any data. Please read our privacy policy here for more details.
  4. Our company Will not tolerate any anti social behaviour towards our drivers and staff.
  5. Our business will not discriminate any person based on religion, race, gender, nationality.