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Metsovo - Meteora

Meteora Greece is part of central Greece and is placed on the north-western edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pindus Mountains and the Peneios River. It constitutes one of the most dramatic landscapes of the country and is also its second largest and most popular complex of monasteries. On the other hand, the name given to this region means "suspended in the air" which perfectly describes its main feature, as the monasteries are placed on great natural stone pillars, which by the way is a unique architectural achievement.
Metsovo, a lively mountain town in Epirus, with its diverse history, traditions and customs is a popular winter holiday destination. This tree-shaded village, retaining its traditional character, dots the mountain side below Katara Col (Katara pass) in the Mountain Range of Pindos. It is full of life throughout the year generously offering you its natural surrounding beauties. The soothing sound of water always on the move adds to the majestic atmosphere. Half hidden in the fog or wrapped in a snow blanket as winter sets in; Metsovo practically looks like a painting. Particularly during winter, the famous vlach village, birthplace of various national benefactors (Tositsas, Stournaras, Averof etc.), is Epirus’ beloved holiday destination.